🔉We are happy to announce the completion audit Staking smart contract YlFi

YlFi Staking Smart contract:


🔥Dpanquan.com completed yloans.finance — Staking smart contract audit!

⚙️Audit report and certificate please check the links below.

Audit result:


Audit certificate:


Social Links

🌏Official Website: https://yloans.finance

🌏Whitepaper: https://yloans.finance/whitepaper.pdf

🌏Twitter: https://twitter.com/Yearn_Loans_Fin

🌏Github: https://github.com/YlFi

🌏Email: support@yloans.finance

🌏Telegram Community: https://t.me/Yearn_Loans_Finance_YlFi_Chat

🌏Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/Yearn_Loans_Finance_YlFi

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