YLS Distribution holders YlFi

🔈Dear Community! We are happy to announce.
🔥Hold YlFi🎄on your personal wallet.

🚀YLS will be distributed for each YlFi.

⚠️YLS distribution conditions:

✅YlFi hold until January 10, 2021 on ETH wallet (Metamask, Trustwallet, etc. with erc20)

✅YLS distribution rate at YlFi hold

1 YlFi: 1 YlFi = 0.5 YLS

2 YlFi: 1 YlFi = 0.8 YLS

3–4 YlFi: 1 YlFi = 1 YLS

5–6 YlFi: 1 YlFi = 1.1 YLS

7–10 YlFi: 1 YlFi = 1.25 YLS

11–39 YlFi: 1 YlFi = 1.5 YLS

Over 40 YlFi: 1 YlFi = 2 YLS

✅YLS distribution will begin on January 15, 2021🎄

Yearn Loans Finance | YlFi

is platform for Loanse cryptoassets and Staking, Farming. Borrowers get money without selling cryptoassets. Lenders offer loans and earn competitive returns.

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